"I had the pleasure of having Johanna at my birth and I want to say she was amazing . Not only was she there for the birth but she was away from her family for over 48 hours just to help me labour my baby boy. Johanna has gone over and above for what a doula should do. She has become a great friend and a great support person.  She helped me meet all my goals in labour and in postpartum care. Johanna is very laid back down to earth lady. I would recommend her to anyone I swear she was born to do this. Thank you Johanna for being an awesome support . Keep up the great work in your career." -Amanda

"I ended up with a C-section with my first baby. This time around I really wanted a VBAC and with Johanna's help I did! She was AMAZING all the way throughout. She made sure to provide me with all the info needed and answered all my questions throughout pregnancy. If she does not know something, she will find out! Her support through labour was very comforting and she would not leave until me and baby had everything we needed! But most of all I was amazed by the fact that she was willing to spend an entire night with me at the hospital taking care of the baby when I and my family could not! Soooo appreciated! And yes, of course I would recommend her!!!"  - Tanja

"Johanna Goetz was my doula for my 3rd delivery and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about hiring a doula. She told me her job is to "help mom" - whatever that might entail. I am so grateful for Johanna's support. My own mother passed away 14 years ago, and my mother in law was recovering from surgery the day I went into labour. Johanna filled a very important support role for me - something I would not feel comfortable letting just anyone do. I felt instantly at ease with Johanna from our very first meeting. My objective was to deliver without an epidural or any meds and my goal was achieved thanks to Johanna. She offers much more than support during delivery. Her prenatal and postnatal visits were geared to help me with anything I needed: breastfeeding info and support, baby-wearing options and trying different carriers/wraps, helping with batch cooking to fill my freezer, offering to bring groceries or supplies, even babysitting so that I could rest after baby was born. The morning I went into labour, Johanna texted me tips of things I had forgotten - helping identify my labour symptoms, and reminding me which hospital entrance to go to in Moose Jaw for that time of day. Johanna met me at the hospital so my husband could take our other 2 kids to the hotel to rest from the 4am wake up. Labour progressed so swiftly and smoothly that my husband ended up missing the delivery! Johanna filled in and looked after every detail: took the first pictures of our new daughter, recorded the first measurements, and expressed heartfelt congratulations. Having Johanna as a doula was a wonderful experience from start to finish. " - Jenn

Wonderful. This was my 2nd time encapsulating my placenta. First time with Johanna as we are new to Saskatchewan. She was warm and welcoming, came to my home and didn't require I get care for my daughter for any appointments! Johanna was also very easy to talk to and helped me find parenting groups info for my new home! She has fallowed up with me lots and offered advice, as well she has given advice through my personal facebook! Not to mention how quickly my placenta was ready and delivered! As well she drove all the way to my midwife in the late night for my placenta (very very far and very late!) She also responded to all calls and texts in a timely manner! I now consider her a friend, recommend her hands down no questions asked and would definitely hire her again! I wish I had taken advantage of other services she offers! As well this would be a great gift if you know anyone expecting! Thank you so much Johanna! " - Jennifer

"It was lovely to have Johanna as my doula. She was always prepared for our meetings, helped me build a thorough birth plan (including choices I hadn't previously considered) and if I ever asked a question she didn't immediately know the answer to, she always looked into it and followed up quickly with a well-researched answer. She attended my blessingway and did a beautiful belly henna design for me. I felt reassured knowing she was available to me if needed in the lead-up to the birth and ready to join me whenever labour should begin. She was a steady presence during my labour and I'm very glad to have had her there. She was respectful of my choices and made plenty of room for my partner to support me. Her work and support before, during, and after the birth was very valuable to have as a part of my experience. Thank you Johanna!" - Virginia

"Johanna has an amazing sense of calmness yet confidence that allowed my husband and I to experience the wonderful birth of our beautiful daughter. Her words of affirmation and coping strategies aided in the process. I am so thankful for her services and highly recommend them to all expecting parents ! Johanna, you truly have a gift!"  - Megan